10th PubhD Manchester – Monday 16th May 2016

We’re back again, same time (7.30pm), same venue (Crown & Kettle), same format (whiteboard, pens, speakers, etc.).  Join us!

We have two speakers lined up already, but we’re looking for just one more.  We’re especially keen to get more Humanities students in front of the whiteboard, as while we’ve had a huge variety of topics from the sciences, academic research has a greater breath than only science and engineering!  We’ve done very well at attracting scientists to our events, but we’re ready for something completely different….

Are you, or someone you know, pursuing studies in the humanities at postgraduate level?  We’d love to hear about your research at PubhD.  Although you don’t get access to a projector (no Death By PowerPoint at PubhD), props are permitted in addition to the whiteboard and pens.  Bring something to make your talk memorable!