Speakers: Monday 21st March 2016

Tonight we have three speakers, all researching matters of the mind:

Clarissa Giebel
Clarissa is in her final year of a part-time PhD in Psychological Sciences at the University of Manchester, and she also works as a full-time Research Assistant at the Personal Social Services Research Unit. Her work explores the relationship between cognition and everyday activities (e.g. shopping, finances, cooking) in dementia, and to developing interventions related to these.  Losing the ability to perform everyday activities is one of the first symptoms of dementia, and it goes hand in hand with forgetfulness and other cognitive deficits.  Effective interventions can allow patients to continue functioning better and for longer.

*****UPDATE: Unfortunately Clarissa is unwell, and not able to attend tonight.  We wish her a speedy recovery and hope to have her at a future event.*****

Manoli Moriaty
Manoli is a second year PhD candidate at the University of Salford, studying research collaborative practices among practitioners of different artistic disciplines. He recently gave a performance at Texture (Lever Street), on the subject of Symbiosis. Perhaps we can expect something a little different tonight?  Here, at least, is a taster of what to expect:

Interactions between barnacles and baleen whales hold great wisdom for performing artists. So claims composer and second year doctoral candidate Manoli Moriaty, whose research at the University of Salford explores collaborative performance between artists of different disciplines. His work draws on the biological phenomenon of symbiosis, where organisms of different species form close and persistent interactions towards benefiting at least one of the involved beings. Similarly, Manoli collaborates with dancers, actors, performance artists, and instrumentalists in developing live pieces involving sound, motion, and their effects on each other, be that mutualistic or parasitic.

You can read more about Manoli’s work here.

Matt Barnard, Psychology
Do you remember back in May (it’s the one where we didn’t have a pub), that we were due three speakers, but we ended up with two (really intoxicating – haha) talks on drugs instead?  Well, our third speaker from that night is here at last to talk about his research in the field of Philosophy:

Matt Barnard is a Ph.D. Candidate and Associate Lecturer in Philosophy at Manchester Metropolitan University researching the 20th Century Philosopher Martin Heidegger’s concept of Freedom. He will be contrasting the view offered by Heidegger, in which we must understand the world as grounded in freedom, with the mechanical view of the universe that understands everything within it as causally determined. Matt is also Membership Secretary to the British Society for Phenomenology, and runs a philosophy and politics blog, www.mattoffact.co.uk