How Does PubhD Work?

new-pubhd-logo-200x200-by-barbara-griffinPubhD is a speaking event set in the friendly environment of the pub. It began in Nottingham in January 2014, and since then it has spread to other cities. And now it’s here in Manchester!

The format is simple:

  • Each night three speakers will have 10 minutes to explain their research. Speakers can be doing a PhD, post-doc or similar – the important thing is that the talk communicates doctoral-level research to a pub audience.
  • After each ten-minute talk, there will be twenty minutes of questions from the audience. We are strict about the timings – there are three talks, plus numerous audience questions to get through in one evening – and that’s excluding toilet and bar breaks.
  • To assist the speakers, a whiteboard and coloured markers will be available – but nothing more! The challenge is for the presenter to explain their research succinctly using minimal technology. It’s all about you! Handouts can be brought along for the audience if there is more complex data to communicate (e.g. relevant graphs and images), or just to remain memorable to the audience.
  • Every speaker gets a free drink, courtesy of us. As if the chance of getting valuable presentation experience wasn’t enough.

Some extra information:

  • We encourage the audience to ask interesting and insightful questions of the speakers.  Maybe the audience will contain fellow academics, or maybe it will all be local residents.  Who knows?  The only certainty is that any question might come up! This is a great chance for researchers to demonstrate that they know their stuff and can explain it as clearly to their supervisor as  they can to someone who’s never attended University.
  • We pass a tin around during the evening for audience members to make donations.  All the proceeds go towards drinks for the speakers, with a couple of quid left over for running of the society (things like pens, posters, web hosting).
  • The events are mainly aimed at students and staff from the University of Manchester, MMU and Salford University. However, if you’re attending another university in the Greater Manchester area, feel free to visit us to see what it’s all about.  We’d be happy to have speakers from further afield too.