PubhD Refreshed!

As you may have noticed over the past twelve months, things haven’t always been easy for PubhD in Manchester.  We’ve got a great idea, and there are hundreds of potential speakers out there, but stuff just seemed to get in our way.  Things like these:

The Pub Situation
We’re sure that our transitory nature hasn’t gone unnoticed.  At one point we had three pubs in as many months.  But we’ve finally found a lovely venue that is stable and happy to accommodate our events.  The beer’s good, the room’s good, and the location is about as central as we can get.  What more could we wish for?  It’s a dream come true!  In their own words:


Time Management
Like all Ph.D students, we have had to do an inordinate amount of planning, and that’s in addition to our studies and part-time jobs.  And like all Ph.D students, we have, ahem, struggled with this.  But things are improving, and we’re confident that under our new regime (ha!) we can continue to be successful and never return to those dark days in which we organised everything 48 hours prior to the event.

Thesis Writing
Well, that’s the main reason we’re all here, yeah?  As much as we want to do a million-and-one things with our time, our studies do have to come first.  And two of us had some writing up to do prior to graduation (which went trouble-free in both instances – hurrah!), and the other was submitting the end-of-year-one report.

One of us has a number of chronic conditions that sort-of all culminated at the same, inconvenient, time.  While it’s been a huge pain in terms of organising PubhD, this person is (finally) receiving effective treatment and is able to actually get on with all those things they really wanted to do (and should have been doing all along), including managing this event!

Job Hunting
Employment concerns have affected us all in some way, and especially for those of us who are now at the end of Ph.D life.  As well as ensuring that we are able to put food on the table, there are many questions to be answered about our futures.  What sort of experience do we need to succeed in industry or academia?  Do we even want to continue in academia?  Do we want to relocate or travel?  Or to do something completely different?  Even thinking about it takes time.

New Admin
Partly in response to our previous lack of time, energy and resources, we have introduced a new organiser to the group.  Tom Bourne joined us in November 2015, and he’s made some fantastic contributions to our efforts already.  You may have already met him, but if not, feel free to say hello at the next event.

New Stuff
Because we now have more time on our hands, and things have begun to run smoothly (long may this continue!), we’ll be adding more stuff to the website, and perhaps trying some new ideas out at our events.  As always, we’re happy to receive suggestions from the punters, speakers, and anyone else within earshot, so please let us know if you think of anything!

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