Speakers: Monday 21st September 2015

Our first three speakers of the new semester are:

Tom Bourne, Chemical Engineering:
Tom is approaching the end of his Ph.D in Chemical Engineering at Manchester Metropolitan University. He will be talking with us about thermodynamics and statistical mechanics.

Monique Henson, Astrophysics:
Monique has just begun the second year of a Ph.D in Astronomy & Astrophysics at the University of Manchester.  Her research area is  galaxy clusters, which are groups of hundreds of galaxies bound together by gravity.  More specifically she looks at how we simulate the formation of these structures and why our simulations differ from what we observe in the sky.

Melody Obeng, Polymer Chemistry:
Melody is in her final year of a biomedical materials Ph.D in the school of materials.  Her project is concerned with the effect of graft co-polymer structures on their morphology and temperature dependent properties (the project’s aim is to create this complex structure on the nanometre scale and study its shape and its responsive to various temperatures).  Outside of University, she loves to sing, and is part of a gospel collective that performs at gigs in Manchester and Liverpool.