The original PubhD began in Nottingham in January 2014, and has now spread around the world (yes, really!) to places as far-flung as Aachen and Dublin.  @Capable_Kat  and @ViolettaCrisis brought it to Manchester in February 2015, and we hope to continue this fine tradition long into the future.  We have recently been joined by @TomTheEscapist.  Since we began in Manchester, PubhD has grown rapidly.  Here is a list of all the current PubhDs in existence:

PubhD Locations | PubhD

Manchester and Salford have three universities between the two cities, and there are numerous colleges and other universities in the Greater Manchester area.  There’s so much relevant and vital research happening here in the North West, and we want to tell as many people as possible about it. Have you ever wondered what really goes on in a research department? And how that might affect your life?  PubhD is all about communication between postgraduate researchers and the wider community, to inform, engage and discuss.

There’s some incredible, obscure, and world-changing research happening in Manchester, and we want to tell everyone about it!

And what better environment to do this than in the local pub? Not only is this about discussing research projects, it’s a great opportunity to foster good relations between the student population and local residents. Be you a student, a resident, or just passing through; join us for an evening of beer, conversation and wisdom.

So what do the speakers get out of it? It’s a great opportunity to present your work to a small(ish) group, without the formality and huge numbers of people you might expect at a conference.  It’s a friendly environment, so you can be a bit more creative and unconventional (but still academically rigorous!) if that’s your style.  Oh, and did we mention that we buy the speakers a drink in exchange for their imparted knowledge?